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Winter at Wishington Bay thumbnail
Winter at Wishington Bay eAudiobook
Maxine Morrey / Gloria Sanders

With a tricky divorce ongoing money is tight and so when friends offer her a housekeeping job while ..

Moonlight Over Studland Bay thumbnail
Moonlight Over Studland Bay eAudiobook
Della Galton / Laura Kirman

Animal loving Samantha Jones is on a mission to ‘live the dream’.When best friend Abby has a bea..

The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts thumbnail
The Village Shop for Lonely Hearts eAudiobook
Alison Sherlock / Helen Keeley

After losing her job in New York Amber Green isn’t looking forward to visiting her godmother in th..

The Velvet Fox thumbnail
The Velvet Fox eAudiobook
Catherine Fisher / Deryn Edwards

After rescuing Tomas from enchantment orphan Seren Rhys is enjoying her first summer at Plas-y-Fran...

The Eye Of North thumbnail
The Eye Of North eAudiobook
Sinead O'Hart / Charlie Sanderson

Emmeline Widget has never left Widget Manor and that's the way she likes it. But when her scientist ..

Star thumbnail
Star eAudiobook
Holly Webb / Rosie Jones

When Anna borrows a tiny wooden tiger from her Russian grandmother's mantelpiece little does she rea..

The Cantankerous Molly Darling thumbnail
The Cantankerous Molly Darling eAudiobook
Alvy Carragher / Caroline Lennon

Molly Darling wants life to be as simple as wellies and porridge - this is rural Ireland after all. ..

Fire Girl Forest Boy thumbnail
Fire Girl Forest Boy eAudiobook
Chloe Daykin / Sarah Barron David Thorpe

Maya has to escape. She's on the run in a country she doesn't know and has no idea who to trust. Rau..

In The Shadow Of Heroes thumbnail
In The Shadow Of Heroes eAudiobook
Nicholas Bowling / Nicholas Bowling

Fourteen-year-old Cadmus has been scholar Tullus's slave since he was a baby - his master is the onl..

Tamarind & The Star Of Ishta thumbnail
Tamarind & The Star Of Ishta eAudiobook
Jasbinder Bilan / Tania Rodrigues

Tamarind never knew her Indian mum Chinty who died soon after she was born. So when she arrives at h..

A Robot Ate My Grandma thumbnail
A Robot Ate My Grandma eAudiobook
Dave Cousins / Peter Kenny

Jess and Jake love having a robot babysitter but lately Robin's been malfunctioning more and more of..

The Midnight Swan thumbnail
The Midnight Swan eAudiobook
Catherine Fisher / Deryn Edwards

With an invisible girl a parliament of owls and a pen that writes by itself the journey to the Garde..

The Transatlantic Book Club thumbnail
The Transatlantic Book Club eAudiobook
Felicity Hayes-McCoy / Marcella Riordan

Eager to cheer up her recently-widowed gran Cassie Fitzgerald persuades Lissbeg library to set up a ..

If I Could Say Goodbye thumbnail
If I Could Say Goodbye eAudiobook
Emma Cooper / Helen Keeley

Jennifer Jones' life began when her little sister Kerry was born. So when her sister dies in a tragi..