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Dangerous Crossing thumbnail
Dangerous Crossing eAudiobook
Rachel Rhys / Katherine Manners Available 3rd April 2023

1939: Young Lily Shepherd boards an ocean liner in Essex bound for Australia. She is ready to start ..

The Little Wartime Library thumbnail
The Little Wartime Library eAudiobook
Kate Thompson / Sarah Durham

London 1944. Clara Button is no ordinary librarian. While the world remains at war in East London Cl..

The True Soldier thumbnail
The True Soldier eAudiobook
Paul Fraser Collard / Dudley Hinton

April 1861. Jack Lark arrives in Boston as civil war storms across America. A hardened soldier Jack ..

Fire And Sword: The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet thumbnail
Fire And Sword: The Wellington & Napoleon Quartet eAudiobook
Simon Scarrow / Jonathan Keeble

1804. Napoleon Bonaparte is Emperor of France his ultimate aim: to rule Europe. After defeat at the ..

The Woman with the Map thumbnail
The Woman with the Map eAudiobook
Jan Casey / Penelope Freeman

February 1941. The world is at war and Joyce Cooper is doing her bit for the war effort. But as the ..

The Hemlock Cure thumbnail
The Hemlock Cure eAudiobook
Joanne Burn / Kristin Atherton

It is 1665 and the women of Eyam keep many secrets. Isabel Frith the village midwife walks a dangero..

Imperfect Alchemist thumbnail
Imperfect Alchemist eAudiobook
Naomi Miller / Deryn Edwards Helen Keeley

A marriage of dynasty: that is what is expected of Mary Sidney. A marriage to Sir Henry Herbert Earl..

The French House thumbnail
The French House eAudiobook
Jacquie Bloese / Candida Gubbins

Left profoundly deaf after an accident Émile is no stranger to isolation - or heartbreak. Now as Na..

The Buried Crown thumbnail
The Buried Crown eAudiobook
Ally Sherrick / Charlotte Strevens

It's 1940 and Britain is on the brink of invasion. Londoner George has been sent to live in the coun..

Our Beautiful Game thumbnail
Our Beautiful Game eAudiobook
Lou Kuenzler / Charlie Sanderson

During the First World War as men were sent to fight women and girls took their place in munitions f..

The Liar thumbnail
The Liar eAudiobook
Jennifer Wells / Aimee Goodall Patience Tomlinson

What would you do if you saw a girl in a crowd whose face had the same identical birthmark as your o..

The Murderess thumbnail
The Murderess eAudiobook
Jennifer Wells / Aimee Goodall Julie Maisey

1931. Fifteen-year-old Kate witnesses her mother Millicent push a stranger from a station platform i..

A Marriage of Lions thumbnail
A Marriage of Lions eAudiobook
Elizabeth Chadwick / Helen Stern

England 1238. Raised at the court of King Henry III as a chamber lady to the queen young Joanna of S..

Queen of Darkness thumbnail
Queen of Darkness eAudiobook
Tony Bradman / Julia Barrie

Eastern Britain 60 CE. Once proud and free the Iceni tribe now pay tribute to the Romans and are rul..

The Zookeeper of Belfast thumbnail
The Zookeeper of Belfast eAudiobook
S. Kirk Walsh / Charlotte McCurry

1941. With the men away fighting animal-lover Hettie Quin is made Belfast Zoo's first ever female zo..